Elon Musk vows to “buy Coca-Cola to put cocaine back”

Elon Musk
Elon Musk

Elon Musk used his Twitter profile this Wednesday (27) to say that he intends to buy Coca-Cola. He explained to his followers that one of his goals, if he acquires the company, is to put cocaine in the drink.

“Next, I’m buying Coke to get the cocaine back,” wrote the South African businessman. Recently, its $44 billion bid to buy Twitter was approved by the technology company’s shareholders.

The platform is expected to reduce rigor in the fight against disinformation and the fight against fake news. Such a rumor caused Tesla to lose US$ 100 billion in shares, in addition to Twitter being with values ​​well below the market.

In addition, there is enormous diplomatic concern around the entrepreneur. Its main company has a huge market in China, which is one of Twitter’s enemies, as the tool has always been related to positive content around the separatist demonstrations in Hong Kong.

There are fears that the Chinese government will stop Tesla’s work, which would cause the entrepreneur to lose billions of dollars. In Europe, lawmakers also warned that Elon will need to follow the rules to prevent misinformation from being advertisements on the social network.

Elon Musk will have to pay a billion dollar fine if he quits Twitter

Before trying to buy Coca-Cola, Musk will have to decide whether to buy Twitter at all. Rumors surfaced that he was considering backing out of the acquisition. If he goes back, the businessman will have to pay US$ 1 billion to get rid of the purchase. There are also triggers to make the value even higher.

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