In less than two months as Chile’s president, Gabriel Boric faces national truck drivers’ strike | Globo newspaper

The stoppage of truck drivers in the Chile started on Sunday (24) and has already led to roadblocks across the countrycomplicating traffic between major cities and generating large traffic jams.

Truckers demand more police on the roads. The claim is old, but it was boosted by the case of a truck driver shot in the head last week in the south of the country. They also complain about high fuel prices and tolls.

  • After the death of a truck driver in a confrontation with Venezuelans, the state of exception takes effect
  • Gabriel Boric is elected president of Chile

The sector union has a lot of power in the country and a great capacity for mobilization since the dictatorship of General Augusto Pinochet drastically reduced the use of the rail network.

The Interior Ministry had several rounds of negotiations with the strikers. However, given the lack of progress, and after an ultimatum, the president’s government Gabriel Boricon the left, decided to apply the State Security Law — widely used in military dictatorship.

Boric announced that he will take to court the truck drivers who block roads, since, according to him, this constitutes a crime against public order, for preventing the free transit and supply of millions of people.

Truck drivers have already staged other protests in February.

Image of a truck driver blockade in Chile, on February 13, 2022 — Photo: Ignacio Munoz / AFP

At the time, they blocked roads and even an airport, to complain against the growth of crime and also to protest against the entry of immigrants into the country.

On Wednesday night (27), the government announced that the highways were unblocked and that seven cases were filed under the National Security Law against leaders of the movement.

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