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The conflict in Ukraine has escalated to an unprecedented level this week. The moves began when more than 40 countries (among them the USA and Germany, the main buyer of Russian gas) announced a new round of financial and military donations to Kiev: this time, weapons of greater offensive power, such as tanks and armored vehicles, were sent. The Kremlin reacted by threatening a nuclear response and the start of World War III. “We are at a very critical moment in the war”, summarizes Felipe Loureiro, coordinator of the International Relations course at USP. In an interview with Julia Duailibi, he also explains the advance of Putin’s army in Transnistria, a Russian-majority region seeking independence from Moldova, which opens the risk of “a new battlefront” in this war. Tensions between Russia and Europe escalated further with the announcement by state-owned Gazprom to stop gas supplies to Poland and Bulgaria, two countries that refused to pay the contract in rubles, a Russian demand post-economic sanctions. Loureiro reinforces that “Europe is dependent on Russian gas” and that the shortage of this energy source can trigger a global wave of food inflation. “Global food security could be alarming in the coming years.”

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