Man visits dentist for routine check-up and ends up in hospital with lung drill

Can a simple routine visit to the dentist to make a person end up in the hospital? Well, if you have any doubts, this was the case of a men in illinoisus U.Swho ended up with a drill in his lung.

According to shared details, it is about Tom Jozsi60 years old, who had sought the professional and was filling a tooth, when it was initially believed that he had swallowed the utensil.

“Actually, I didn’t even feel like I was falling. The only thing I felt was a little cough. When they took the exam, they understood everything: ‘You didn’t swallow it. You inhaled it’”. Doctors believe that before coughing, the 60-year-old man would have inhaled the approximately 2.5 cm object.

In an interview, Abdul Alrayeswho is a doctor at Aurora Medical Center-Kenoshasaid that due to the depth, it was not possible to retrieve the drill with a common endoscope, which, depending on the situation, could require the removal of a piece of the lung.

However, with the help of new equipment, designed to detect cancer early, it was possible to remove the object.

See the shared report below, which shows more details of what happened. (If you can’t see it, just access the link).

Finally, Tom related how he felt after he woke up and saw that the doctors were successful in the procedure: “I was never happier than when I opened my eyes and saw him with a smile under that mask shaking a small plastic container with the tool”.


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