Never stress about cleaning dirty non-slip flooring again: do it right now with a homemade recipe

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Salvador, April 26, 2022, by Samuel Ramires — TEveryone knows how hard it is to clean a grimy floor. Still, a place with non-slip makes maintenance even more difficult, being the biggest ”pineapple” to find some way to finally clean the dingy non-slip floor.

It’s not easy to have time to spend hours cleaning a filthy floor. Even less betting on very aggressive mixes that can reduce the life of your floor and harm your health. That’s why we’ve brought you everything you need to clean non-slip dirty floorwith a magical, practical mixture, with homemade and affordable ingredients.

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Never stress about cleaning dirty non-slip flooring again: do it right now with a homemade recipe
Never stress about cleaning grimy non-slip flooring again: do it right now with a homemade recipe (image: pexels)

How to make the ultra clean mixture

The preparation of the mixture is quite easy, but you will need attention. According to the blog Nossa Casa, from the Uol website, in an article published on May 7, 2021, for each type of floor there is a different cleaning method. But it must also be remembered that Do not use bleach to clean the non-slip floor, so that it will not be discolored or damaged.

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Also, sweep and remove excess dust and coarse dirt. Aware of this, now just mix in a bucket with water, a little disinfectant and neutral detergent. Then throw the mixture all over the floor and let it act for a few minutes. Finally, scrub with a broom. This will remove any remaining dirt from the floor. Then, rinse off the excess mixture.

Tile flooring tips

For ceramic floors or bathroom tiles, another type of mixture is required. In a bucket, make a solution of 1 liter of water with 350 ml of bleach. Stir slowly, then pour onto the grimy floor. Let the product act for at least 20 minutes and then scrub with a broom, squeegee or brush. After that, pass the cloth to dry more efficiently. In addition, it is worth noting the need to wear gloves to make the solution.

Laminate or hardwood flooring tips

Another interesting idea is the mix suitable for laminate floors. It is worth considering that it is a more assertive way, becauseUnlike stone or ceramic surfaces, wooden surfaces cannot come into contact with too much moisture.

So, in this case, our tip is to make a solution of 500 ml of water, ½ American cup of white vinegar, a little detergent and then mix all in a spray bottle or spray bottle. You will have a great self-cleaning mixture for laminate (or hardwood) floors without damaging and prolonging the life of the material.

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Know when to hire professionals

Sometimes just home cleaning is not enough. Some dirt is difficult to remove. You Cement residues that can fall to the ground during a work, dirt and stains accumulated for a long time, are good examples.

In the aforementioned cases, it is best to hire a professional in the area to perform the cleaning. Thus, avoiding serious damage to the floor due to products used incorrectly when clean non-slip dirty floor.

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