Nutritionist registers BO after eating candy suspected of containing ant

Case was registered in the 1st PD and then forwarded to the 8th (Photo: Denny Cesare/Código19)

A 48-year-old nutritionist registered a BO (Bulletin of Occurrence) after eating a candy suspected of being contaminated with ant. The case took place in a Sodexo restaurant, located within the Bosch company, on Rodovia Anhanguera (SP-330), in Campinas, on April 14.

The information was confirmed today (27) by the SSP (Secretary of Public Security) of São Paulo. According to the folder, the occurrence was registered as an attempted murder in the 1st DP (Police District) of Campinas, but forwarded to the 8th DP, located in Conj. Habit. Father Anchieta. This police station will be responsible for investigating the facts.

about the case, Bosch and Sodexo On-site clarified that “as soon as they became aware of the incident at the Campinas (SP) unit, they immediately opened an internal process to investigate the facts, and took the appropriate measures in relation to the incident. It is worth mentioning that no damage was found to the health of employees and service providers in the locality “.


Last year, the superintendence of the HC (Hospital de Clínicas) of Unicamp confirmed that three nurses were intoxicated with the anxiolytic Clonazepam during the night shift. The administration of the hospital opened an investigation to investigate the facts. The case took place on the 5th of November.

According to the communiqué, the three professionals felt sick after drinking coffee in the pantry of the unit and were “promptly referred to the hospital emergency room and released hours later”. Four other people also ingested the drink, but were not intoxicated.

Popularly known as Rivotril, the drug is quite effective against anxiety disorders, but it generates several side effects by causing a sedative effect and inhibiting central nervous system functions.

Also according to the HC note, coffee samples were collected for analysis after suspected food poisoning. Laboratory tests confirmed the presence of the substance in the drink served on site.

There is no suspicion as to who would have put the drug in the coffee, but the superintendent opened an administrative investigation to investigate the facts. All professionals who were intoxicated are doing well.

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