NVIDIA may be preparing a monstrous RTX 4090 Ti with 900W of consumption

The Ada Lovelace line promises to test consumer power supplies

Tests conducted by NVIDIA show that the company is not too concerned about the increases in power consumption that its next generation of GPUs may bring. Informants with access to internal company information say it is working on a possible RTX 4090 Ti with 900W of consumption and power via two 16-pin connectors.

For comparison purposes, the RTX 3090Ti, which is already considered a graphics card with high graphics consumption, works with 450W (recommending an 850W power supply). The values ​​even surpass expectations for the RTX 4090which supposedly would work with a 600W TDP.

According to the insider @kopite7kimithe high energy consumption would be paired with equally surprising technical characteristics. The product would have 48GB of 24GBps GDDR6X memory and would operate at very high frequencieswhose numbers were not revealed — the informant warns that the values ​​may be even higher, since the AD102 board being tested has more than two 16-pin connectors.

RTX 4070 and 4080 must use different cards

The same informant also brought new information about the graphics cards RTX 4070 and RTX 4080, stating that each of them must use a different GPU. While the RTX 4070 will use the AD104 modelwith 12 GB of memory and 300W TDP, the RTX 4080 will use the AD103 boardwith 16 GB of memory and TDP not yet determined, but which should be closer to the RTX 4090 models.

While it has confirmed that it plans to release a new generation of GPUs in 2020, So far NVIDIA has not released any official details about them.. The new models must be based on the Ada Lovelace architecture and started in mid-April of this year their first stages of testing.

An official announcement of the new models is expected in September or October. this year, with the first units expected to hit stores shortly thereafter. According to the manufacturer, the new GPUs will live in stores with the RTX 30 lineas a way of ensuring that consumers have greater access to their products.


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