Overwatch 2 Beta breaks its record on Twitch is watched by 1.2 million people

Right now, all of Twitch is going crazy trying to access the beta of overwatch 2which is why the number of viewers streaming the game is now incredibly large – at the time of the news release, they are 1.2 million of them. It is the most popular game on the platform at the moment.

For comparison, only GTA 5 comes next with almost a million less viewers, 256K. Followed by League of Legends (206K), FIFA 22 (205K), Valorant (167K), Fortnite (148K). .), Counter-Strike: Global Offensive (138,000) and Call of Duty: Warzone (117,000).

You can only gain access to the Overwatch 2 beta for a few hours: you need to watch a total of 4 hours of streams – then the viewer will have access to the tests. It will last until May 16th.

Blizzard has apparently lived up to expectations, and the Overwatch 2 beta so far is getting a lot of praise. It could be a big game for Xbox Game Studios and Xbox Game Pass in 2023 if the purchase goes through without major disruption.

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