Sony is blocking PSN prepaid card redemption

In recent days, several internet users have reported not being able to redeem the codes for their PSN prepaid cards (whether they are PS Plus or PS Now, the latter abroad). Now, Sony support has confirmed that it has disabled the functionality, to prevent users from increasing the duration of their subscriptions too much.

An email from the company (via Push Square) explains to one player: “I have checked the voucher and your account and I can conclude that there is a function temporarily disabled for PS Plus/PS Now subscriptions to not allow the ‘stack’ of any of the already active subscriptions“.

The message guarantees that it is “temporary” and asks users to stay tuned for news on the PS Blog. As PS Now does not exist in Brazil, it is still uncertain whether the code redemption block is also valid here — after all, players with active PS Now and PS Plus accounts will automatically migrate to PS Plus Premium, a plan not available in our country.

As of this writing, Brazilian retailers such as Amazon and Kabum continue to sell prepaid PlayStation Plus cards. For now, only Sony support has spoken about it, but there are no further clarifications.

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