Ukraine says it bombed Russian positions on Serpents Island – News

The Ukrainian army said it had bombed Russian positions on the Isle of Serpents in the Black Sea, which has become a symbol of Ukrainian resistance since the start of the Russian invasion on 24 February.

“Our forces have bombed enemy positions on Serpents Island,” the southern command of the Ukrainian Army said on Facebook last Tuesday (26).

The Ukrainian army said the bombing hit a “checkpoint” and destroyed an anti-aircraft defense system, and said it was trying to determine “the casualties” suffered by Russian forces.

Russia, which took control of Serpents Island on the first day of the military offensive, has not confirmed so far that it was the target of bombing there.

The tiny Serpent Island has become a symbol of Ukrainian resistance after a group of Ukrainian border guards rejected a subpoena to surrender launched by the Russian ship Moskva and sent a radio message cursing the Russian military that went viral on social media.

Shortly afterwards, Moskva bombed the island, and the Russian military who landed on it captured members of the Ukrainian army, who were later exchanged for Russian prisoners, according to Ukrainian authorities.

The Moskva, the main ship of the Russian fleet in the Black Sea, sank in mid-April after being hit by two Ukrainian missiles. Russia has acknowledged that one sailor has died and 27 are missing, but claims the ship sank due to a fire caused by an explosion on board.

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