“Was it my daughter or him,” says mother who killed pit bull to save her 1-year-old baby

Jamie Moralesmother of a 1-year-old child, recently revealed the tough decision she had to make to save her daughter from an attack by a dog of the breed. pit bull. The case took place in the United States.

According to information on the portal publicity meterthe child’s grandmother was at her house when she heard screams coming from the kitchen and so quickly went to find out what had happened.

Warning: from this point on, this text may contain details about violent actions. We recommend caution.

In an interview, the woman reported that they tried in every way to open the dog’s mouth, which was stuck on the leg of little Ruby Ann Cervantes, however, as they were unsuccessful in any of the attempts, she used a knife and hit the animal repeatedly. , which caused his death.

“It was my daughter or him, so I chose my daughter. I did what I had to do to protect her. Because he wouldn’t let go of my daughter, so I had to do it, it makes me feel bad, but I had to.”

— Told the woman in her statement

Mom saves daughter from pitbull attack

Attack Result

Due to the intensity of the dog’s attack, Ruby needed to be taken to the hospital, where they detected fractures in her left shoulder and hip, as well as multiple wounds in her leg. She underwent surgery and is in the ICU.

Both women who saved the child were also injured and received care.

According to information, the animals had been with the family since they were puppies and at no time had they shown aggressive behavior. The second animal was taken by the control center and authorities said the “put to sleep”.


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