Big game event “Xbox & Bethesda Game Showcase” already has date and details revealed

Finally, the most anticipated time of the year is upon us, when Microsoft will unveil its new Xbox games alongside Bethesda. This year, we won’t have E3, but the company still decided to keep the regular date and everything will run on the day June 12, 2022.

Microsoft has announced the Xbox & Bethesda Games Showcase, the official event taking place on June 12, from 2 pm in Brazil, during which the news coming to PC and Xbox from the house of Redmond and the newly acquired publisher will be presented. It will be on a Sunday afternoon, after lunch.

Jeff Grubb had anticipated the Xbox Showcase scheduled for June: this will be the stage the company will use to make new announcements and finally show some of its most important projects in action, including, of course, starfield. The official image of the event itself that you can see above already hints at Bethesda’s Starfield as the protagonist.

β€œToday we are excited to announce that the Xbox & Bethesda Games Showcase will air on Sunday, June 12 at 2pm,” the announcement reads. β€œThis event will include exciting games coming from Xbox Game Studios, Bethesda and our international partners.”

The presentation will be translated into thirty languages (very likely it will be in Brazilian portuguese) and it will be possible to follow it on various platforms, from YouTube to Twitch, from Twitter to Facebook, and this time also through TikTok.


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