Boric enforces National Security Law against truck drivers

Protesters complain about the price of fuel and tolls and ask for security; President says act is a crime against public order

The national strike by truck drivers in Chile reaches its 5th day this Thursday (28.Apr.2022). Protesters block the country’s main roads to demand increased policing and complain about rising fuel and toll prices. To contain the acts, the government resorted to the National Security Law, widely used during the dictatorship.

This is not the first time that the category has spoken out for security. The cause, however, gained traction last week when a truck driver was shot in the head.

The Interior Ministry and the strikers have already met several times, but have not reached an agreement. In light of this scenario, on Wednesday night (Apr 27), the government announced the opening of 7 lawsuits by the National Security Law against movement leaders.

Chilean President Gabriel Boric, left-wing, had already warned that truck drivers who blocked roads would be prosecuted. In the assessment of the Chief Executive, the act constitutes a crime against public order, for preventing the free transit and supply of millions of people.

Truck drivers have already staged other protests in February. At the time, they blocked roads and even an airport. In addition to the lack of security, they complained about the entry of immigrants into the country.


The strike represents a major challenge for Boric, who took office on March 13 this year.

In his 7th week in office, the president of Chile is disapproved by 53% of the Chilean population. Another 36% approve of the government. This is what Cadem’s survey shows, released on Tuesday (26.Apr).

Boric, 35, beat right-wing candidate José Antonio Kast by 55.9% to 44.1% of the vote. He started the term with 50% approval and 20% rejection. The result of this 3rd one indicates the biggest deterioration of recent popularity in the history of the country.

The early end of the former student leader’s “honeymoon” is accentuated in comparison to his predecessors.

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