British man is bitten hundreds of times by spiders inside his house – News

British Russell Davies, 55, once lived on the streets, but managed to rent an apartment in Kent, England, in 2020. What had everything to be the beginning of a new phase of his life turned out to be a nightmare.

According to a report published by the BBC, in the first week after moving to the new house he began to notice sores on his skin. The situation worsened until he discovered that he was being bitten several times by spiders of the species known as “false widow”.

The arachnids of this species are given this name because there is a resemblance in their appearance to the famous and dangerous black widow. Its sting poses little risk to humans, despite the pain being compared to that of a wasp’s sting.

“When I actually found the spiders in my house, 15 months had passed and I was what you would call an all-you-can-eat feast for these spiders while I slept,” Russell says.

The situation has become critical recently and is affecting not only the man’s physical condition, but also his psychological state.

“I’ve been sleeping in a tent for a week and a half. During the day, I walk around looking for spiders. My head is on edge because I’m constantly looking for cobwebs. I don’t want to live like that,” reports Russell.

In addition, the wounds caused by the hundreds of bites cause intense pain. The Brit says it feels like having shards of glass stuck all over his body. Due to the state of his skin, he told the BBC that he had to quit his job as a chef.

Russell contacted the real estate company to ask for the property to be fumigated, but the company denied providing the service on the grounds that this was the responsibility of the tenant. The application of the poison was carried out only in common areas, such as in apartment halls.

“We know how unpleasant and inconvenient pests can be and we are sorry to hear that Mr Davies is currently suffering from it. He has been correctly informed that under the terms of his lease it is his responsibility to deal with this pest infestation,” said a spokesperson for the real estate company.

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