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The Department of Health of the State of Wisconsin, in the United States, announced yesterday (27/4) that it is investigating four cases of children with severe inflammation in the liver. One of the children died and another needed a transplant. Doctors assess whether the death was caused by hepatitis. If the information is confirmed, it will be the first death of a child in the US due to the mysterious wave of the disease that affects some countries, especially in Europe.

+ Mysterious wave of hepatitis: 3-year-old girl receives part of her father’s liver

Sick child (Photo: Pexels Cottonbro)

Sick child (Photo: Pexels Cottonbro)

In addition to Wisconsin, other American states already have suspected cases in children. According to CNN USA, Alabama reported nine cases, including two children who needed liver transplants; Illinois has three notifications and North Carolina has two more.

Experts around the world are intrigued, trying to understand what caused this sudden increase in severe cases of liver inflammation in children, in various parts of the world, but they still haven’t come up with an answer. Hepatitis cases do not appear to be caused by known suspects, such as type A, B, C, or D.

According to the UK Health Safety Agency, about two-thirds of children with liver inflammation in the country also had adenovirus, a common virus that circulates among people, causing colds, conjunctivitis and gastroenteritis. However, a link between adenovirus and liver problems has yet to be found. The sick children were also tested for Covid-19, so that doctors could also understand if there was a relationship, but only one-sixth of the sick children tested positive.

CRESCER spoke briefly with pediatrician and infectious disease specialist Renato Kfouri, president of the Brazilian Society of Immunizations (SBIm) and he stressed that the scientific community is intrigued by the cases, but that the wave is under investigation. “Although a virus called adenovirus was found in almost ⅔ of the children who presented this condition, there is no clear relationship. It is not common for this type of virus to cause hepatitis, so the cases are being studied. be very cautious in stating anything. There is no evidence to support that the cases could be related to any new virus, adenovirus or covid-19”, he points out.

On Saturday, the World Health Organization confirmed that there had been one child death from the problem and 169 confirmed cases, 114 of which in the UK alone.

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