Covid: Hospitalizations and deaths rise again in São Paulo – 04/28/2022 – Mônica Bergamo

The daily average of hospitalizations for Covid-19 in the state of São Paulo rose again in the 16thThe epidemiological week of 2022, between April 17th and 23rd — which coincided precisely with the preparations for Carnival.

After reaching a peak of 1,521 daily hospitalizations in January, the rates began to show successive declines, reaching the floor of a daily average of 146 hospitalizations in the week before last. Last week, however, they rose 6%, registering a daily average of 155 patients who required hospital care.

The number of deaths also rose again, after six weeks of consecutive declines. There were 22 people killed per day, on average, against 20 last week – an increase of 8.5% (see the coronavirus monitor and data from Brazil and the world).

The number of cases confirmed by tests continued to fall, from a daily average of 4,356 cases to 3,628 (a 16.7% decrease).

The number of hospitalizations is considered the safest for verifying the trend of the epidemic in Brazil: the records are made when the patient enters the institutions, and immediately communicated to the system.

Cases can be underreported, as not all people who contract the coronavirus take an exam to know if they have the disease. A good part are even asymptomatic, and do not even suspect that they have been infected.

“There was a very slight increase in the number of hospitalizations, and also in the number of deaths. But vaccination has proved to be efficient at a time when life has practically returned to normal”, says the State Secretary of Health, Jean Gorinchteyn.

He states that the numbers now analyzed have not yet consolidated the occurrences recorded right after Carnival. Therefore, it is not possible to conclude that the ascent had any relationship with the revelry.

Gorinchteyn sent to the column a text from the secretariat that states that, if it were a nation, São Paulo would be in first place among the countries that most vaccinate against Covid-19 in the world, with 86.83% of the population with a complete vaccination schedule, in compared to countries with a population of 40 million or more.

“The country that comes closest to the São Paulo brand is South Korea (86.82%)”, says the survey carried out by the state government. “Next are Spain (86.37%), China (86.33%), Japan (80.47%), Italy (79.35%), France (77.92%), Brazil (76.49 %), Germany (75.45%), United Kingdom (72.88%) and United States (66.11%) —the percentages are periodically updated by the Our World In Data portal, from the University of Oxford. .

According to data from the secretariat, “among those eligible to receive the doses, that is, all over 5 years of age, SP has already reached the mark of 92.92% of the population immunized with both doses and 100% with at least one dose. In the general population, the state has already reached 93.52% of the population with at least one dose. This Thursday (28), the Vacinometer ( records 108.7 million doses applied in the 645 cities of São Paulo”.

The note ends by stating that “additional dose vaccination has also grown in recent weeks, with more than 26.4 million doses applied. According to the Press Consortium, São Paulo is the state with the highest level of dose application of reinforcement, with 54.06% of the population, ahead of Piauí (44.08%), Paraíba (44.01%) and Ceará (43.73%). of reinforcement”.


Actress Walderez de Barros attended the premiere of the movie “Pureza”, on Tuesday (26), at Cine Marquise, in São Paulo. The film is based on the true story of Pureza Lopes Loyola, a woman who became a symbol of the fight against slave labor in Brazil. Production director Renato Barbieri and architect Michel Gorski also visited.


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