Curitiba leaves 11 health units for respiratory symptoms

Due to the increased demand for care for children with respiratory symptoms in the health network (public and private) of Curitiba, the Municipal Health Department (SMS) chose to temporarily restructure its services. The change will be maintained as long as there is a need.

Photo: Lucilia Guimarães/SMCS

Starting next Friday (4/29), 11 health units will be converted into service points for adults and children with mild and moderate respiratory symptoms (Curitiba residents with mild respiratory symptoms should opt for teleconsultation by phone 3350-9000 ).

Nine of these units (list below) will serve children, adolescents and adults with respiratory symptoms and, therefore, will not apply flu and covid-19 vaccines. The Ouvidor Pardinho unit will only receive adults. The Mãe Curitibana unit will only serve children (except this Saturday, when it will receive children on the D-Day of the flu and measles vaccination). On the days of operation, Ouvidor Pardinho and A Mãe Curitibana will maintain vaccination against flu and covid for the public summoned.

Opening hours will be from Monday to Friday, from 7 am to 7 pm, and on Saturday, from 8 am to 5 pm.

The SMS management superintendent, Flávia Quadros, explains that the high pediatric demand has generated an increase in the waiting time for less serious cases in the UPS. This scenario requires the municipality to adopt strategies that prioritize emergency care while welcoming all those seeking health services.

Flávia recalls that the return of circulation of other viruses was already an expected movement, especially with the arrival of autumn.

“At the height of the pandemic, we already warned that when covid-19 regressed, other viruses would circulate again. This, associated with the climate profile of the city, favors the illness of a greater number of people, especially children who spent a long time at home”, explained Flávia.

stock package

The restructuring is part of a package of actions to reduce the impact of the usual increase in respiratory diseases on the city’s health services with the arrival of autumn and winter. The change follows the contingency plan for dealing with covid-19, which, although stable, is not over yet.

Throughout the week, SMS also articulated the activation of pediatric beds in hospitals in the SUS network. Ten beds have already been activated at the Evangelical University Hospital and ten more are being activated at the Hospital de Clínicas.

Next Monday (2/5), SMS starts the gradual activation of 30 beds at Hospital Bairro Novo. On Monday, ten will be activated and the others during the week.

Another measure will be the cancellation of elective pediatric surgeries in hospitals accredited to SUS, this move will allow the activation of new pediatric beds.

SMS recommends that private hospitals assess the need to temporarily suspend these procedures.

“This increase in cases did not just happen in the SUS network, we have seen that the services of the private network are also pressured by this increase in cases”, said the superintendent.

Increase in pediatric care

In January, 19% of the 93,248 services provided by the UPAs in Curitiba were children, in April, of the 65,346 consultations, 35% were children, an increase of 84% in the percentage of child care.

Registered child care has as main causes, symptoms of respiratory infections and other viral and bacterial infections.

epidemiological weeks

According to the monitoring of the epidemiology center, every year in Curitiba there is an increase in respiratory diseases in children from the end of February.

“As in other years, this one is no different. From the eighth epidemiological week onwards, in March, we began to observe an increase in the care of children aged 5 to 9 years with respiratory symptoms in the SUS network”, said the SMS epidemiologist, Diego Spinoza.

Between March 6 and 12 – the ninth epidemiological week -, 740 children were treated at the UPAs and basic health units with respiratory complaints. Last week, from April 17 to 23, SMS registered 1,503, more than double the number of calls in relation to week nine.

“The epidemiological trend is that these demands will still increase in the coming weeks. The reorganization of the service is the preparation of the SMS for this future scenario, in order to guarantee service for the entire population,” said Flávia.

Central 3350-9000

Curitiba residents with mild respiratory symptoms should opt for teleconsultation by phone 3350-9000. The call center is open from Sunday to Sunday, from 8 am to 8 pm. The person can go through a telephone consultation with the nurses and doctors if necessary. The center can also issue an isolation term and medication prescription, if necessary.

Emergency Health Units

– Care for cases of people with mild and moderate respiratory symptoms
Opening hours from 7 am to 7 pm, from Monday to Friday, and from 8 am to 5 pm, on Saturdays (except Mãe Curitibana unit*)

Bairro Novo Sanitary District
Bairro Novo Health Unit
Rua Paulo Rio Branco de Macedo, 791 – Sítio Cercado

Cajuru Sanitary District
Iracema Health Unit
Rua Professor Nivaldo Braga, 1571 – Capão da Imbuia

Porta Sanitary District
Santa Amelia Health Unit
Rua Berta Klemtz, 215 – Fazendinha

Santa Felicidade Sanitary District
São Braz Health Unit
Rua Antônio Escorsin, 1960 – São Braz

Boqueirão Health District
Vila Hauer Health Unit
Rua Waldemar Kost, 650 – Hauer

Pinheirinho Sanitary District
Aurora Health Unit
Rua Theofhilo Mansur, 500 – New World

Boa Vista Health District
Jardim Aliança Health Unit
Rua José Ursolino Filho, 646 – Santa Candida

CIC Sanitary District
Campo Alegre Health Unit
Avenida das Industrias, 1749 – Industrial City

Tatuquara Sanitary District
Rio Bonito Health Unit
R. Fanny Bertoldi, 170 – Campo do Santana

Main Health District
Mother Curitibana Health Unit* (exclusive care for children)
Rua Jaime Reis, 331 – Alto do São Francisco

* This Saturday, exceptionally, this unit will not serve as an emergency room, as it will be focused on D-Day, for vaccination of children against flu and measles.

Ouvidor Pardinho Health Unit (exclusive service for adolescents, adults and the elderly)
Rua 24 de Maio, 807 – Praça Ouvidor Pardinho

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