Europe has the ability to replace Russian gas, says Borrell

Europe has the capacity to replace gas that comes from Russia, said Josep Borrell, head of European diplomacy, on a visit to Chile on Thursday (28) after the fuel cut that Russian state energy giant Gazprom carried out on Wednesday in Poland. and in Bulgaria.

The cut in supplies to both countries after Russian President Vladimir Putin warned that he would not accept payments other than rubles, Russian currency, for gas in response to Western economic sanctions against Moscow, fuels fears of a shortage. of fuel across the European continent.

“We have the ability to replenish gas stocks and distribute them between us, because it’s not just a one-way street. Within the European grid, gas can circulate from one country to another,” Borrell explained at a press conference. this Thursday in Santiago, where he is on an official visit.

“All member states are united in a solidarity response, what happens with Poland and Bulgaria also happens with the Union as a whole”, he recalled.

On his second day of his visit to Chile, Borrell explained that according to “European Commission guidelines” gas contracts with Russia were strictly fulfilled “in the terms that are foreseen”.

“Where it says you have to pay in euros and dollars, they will be paid in euros and dollars. Naturally, Russia will do everything possible to try to make these payments in a way that puts us in trouble. It’s part of the rules of the game.” , he said.

Borrell also maintained that while Europe has not decided to drastically stop Russian gas purchases, “this does not mean that (this measure) will not be considered again in view of events and how they are developing.”

According to Borrell, economic sanctions by the West “have greatly weakened the Russian economy”, but admitted that “in an immediate way it does not have the miraculous ability to stop the Russian attacks which, on the contrary, have intensified”.

The head of European diplomacy said that “the EU will continue to assist Ukraine militarily”.

“We do nothing but help defend a country attacked without any justification,” added the head of European diplomacy, who met on Wednesday with Chilean President Gabriel Boric.

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