Nintendo will resume physical game sales in the country; Nintendo Switch Sports will be sold on Amazon from 00:00 (04/29) – Switch UK

It is the first time that a Switch game is officially sold in Brazil in physical media.

Since his return to Brazil with the Nintendo Switch, one of the many requests made by the Brazilian community of Nintendo fans was to return to the commercialization of their titles in physical media.

The main factor for these orders is due to the prices charged by the stores that currently import the titles and sell them at prices that are close to double what is charged digitally for the same game on the Nintendo eShop.

The good news is that the company has started to rehearse the shipment of physical games to the country, and the first title contemplated is the Nintendo Switch Sportswhich will be officially distributed in an exclusive partnership with the retailer amazon.

THE Nintendo Switch Sports is a hybrid title that will be fully localized in Brazilian Portuguese, in addition to being marketed from midnight on April 29th to its physical media buyers. The box all in Portuguese brings the game and a support strap for one of the Joy-Cons, which will be used in the football modality present in the title to replicate the motion sensor kick.

According to the preliminary listing, the game must be marketed at or below BRL 299.99. Access the link to wait for the purchase below:

Nintendo Switch Sports
Price: BRL 299.99
Where to buy:
Developer: Nintendo
Publishing company: Nintendo
Gender: Sports, Festive, Multiplayer
Size: 3.0 GB
Brazilian Portuguese:
At the. Players: 4 players

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