Prostitute convicted of killing chef with drug cocktail in NY

The prostitute accused of supplying deadly doses of drugs to Italian chef Andrea Zamperoni, killed on August 18, 2019 in New York, was sentenced to 30 years in prison by the Brooklyn District Court.

Angelina Barini, 43, confessed to having administered a cocktail of narcotics, which was based on the powerful opioid fentanyl, to the chef of the famous restaurant Cipriani Dolci.

Barini was found three days after Zamperoni’s death in her room at the Kamway Lodge hostel in Queens, with the Italian’s corpse wrapped in sheets as agents searched the scene to find the missing chef.

“The defendant drugged and killed several people for a few easy dollars, in addition to stealing from them while they were unconscious. Several clients died from the lethal drugs she offered,” the prosecution said.

US officials also revealed that Barini “showed a shocking disregard for human life”. “The sentence will have to serve as a warning to future perpetrators that there are very heavy consequences for these horrible crimes,” they concluded.

The prostitute would have been responsible for the death of three other individuals, two tourists and a retiree. The men were robbed and found dead from an overdose. The woman and a partner drugged the victims and robbed them as they could no longer react.

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