Russian journalist arrested for reporting airstrike on theater in Mariupol

Professional is accused of spreading false information about the use of the Russian Armed Forces; Ukrainian authorities report 300 deaths in attack on local shelter

Playback/Twitter/@SmytroKulebatheater in Mariupol
Drama Theater in Mariupol was home to hundreds of civilians when it was attacked by Russian troops

Russian journalist Maria Ponomarenko, from the news portal “RusNews”, was arrested after reporting on the Russian airstrike on the Drama Theater in Mariupolport city of Ukraine. A statement released by the St Petersburg court press service, quoted by Russian news agency Sputnik, says that “the Oktiabrski district court has ruled on the imposition of the preventive measure in the form of detention on Maria Ponomarenko”. The journalist is accused of spreading false information about the use of Armed forces gives Russia. Also according to the statement, Ponomarenko published the information on her Telegram channel, was arrested on April 24 and will remain in custody until June 22. On March 16, the Russian Defense Ministry declared that the allegations of Kiev about the air attack on the Mariupol theater do not “correspond to reality”. The Ukrainian authorities, for their part, denounced that the bombing, carried out in March, caused the death of 300 of the 1,500 civilians sheltering there. Satellite images show that the outside of the theater was written children, to indicate that the place was an exclusive shelter for civilians.

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