Russian tycoon’s yacht sails to Turkey to ‘escape’ sanctions

The superyacht Titan, owned by Russian tycoon Alexander Abramov, is sailing to Turkey to try to evade sanctions imposed by the international community over the war with Ukraine. According to information from Bloomberg, the vessel is at full speed to reach the Suez Canal in Egypt, probably bound for Turkish waters.

The Titan, which is valued at US$ 100 million (about R$ 494 million) and has the capacity to accommodate 14 guests and 19 crew, heads towards the Suez Canal after long stays in Dubai and the Maldives. The two locations are considered safe territories against sanctions and seizure of Russian assets.

Abramov, whose fortune is worth about $7.3 billion, is on Australia’s sanctions list.

Since the sanctions were applied, the Aegean Sea has become a destination stop for 9% of yachts connected to Russian tycoons sanctioned in March and April. Almost a dozen superyachts, however, have already been seized.

Germany seized, for example, the superyacht dilbarby Russian billionaire Alisher Usmanov. the vessel is valued at up to US$ 750 million. (about R$ 3.7 billion).

Sanctions against Russia pile up

Since the start of the war with Ukraine on February 24, Russia has been subject to a series of sanctions from various countries around the world.

One of the latest was a measure taken by the United States, which sanctioned a global network made up of a Russian commercial bank, the oligarch Konstantin Malofeyev and people connected to him.

“The Treasury can and will target those who evade, attempt to evade or help evade US sanctions against Russia because they are supporting the brutal war caused by Putin’s choice,” Secretary Brian E. Nelson said in a statement released this week. last.

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