Starfield: Ex-developer says game engine is “crap”

Through ResetEra, a user known as Hevy008 claimed to be a former developer at Bethesda and revealed that Starfield is in development with a graphics engine that cannot be called anything but “filth“. Hevy’s identity was later confirmed by Jason Schreier.

Specifically, Hevy said that Bethesda offers a quality and very safe workplace. Additionally, he said that Starfield has been taking shape since the beginning of the year, but that there are some components the team is struggling with, including space flights (but Hevy later admitted that it could be a matter of personal taste and other players might like Starfield’s style) and the fact that “there is probably a lot of content” and part of it can be cut before release.

Hevy also explains that not a fan of Bethesda gamesbut still believes the mechanics are valid, similar to those of fallout 4. Furthermore, according to Hevy, there will be a beta version in “winter” and depending on the answer, it will be decided whether Starfield will actually be published on November 11, 2022. Speaking of the graphics engine, it is said to be “crap”, but in a later post Hevy stated that he was speaking from the developers point of view. , not the graphical results of the game (eg Cryengine is more powerful than Unity or Unreal Engine, but the latter are much easier to use). After sharing this information, Hevy’s ResetEra account was deleted.

Jason Schreier stated that Hevy is actually the person he claims to be. Additionally, users found Hevy’s previous posts about an independent studio called CodeBlueGames, which – via its website – claims the team has worked with Bethesda in the past. We can therefore say that the source is likely a former developer on the Starfield team.

However, this does not mean that what he reported is completely correct or even that the information is up to date. There may have been updates or improvements that Hevy wasn’t able to see firsthand. Starfield’s gameplay hasn’t been shown yet, so we have no way of knowing how good the game is.

Hevy has been confirmed to have worked for Bethesda in the past, but none of this information has been confirmed and many claim it is contradictory on the forum.


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