Stray will arrive this winter on PS5 and PS4

Anyone who has a kitten at home must have thought: what goes on in the kitty’s mind? Well, ever since Stray’s reveal at PlayStation Showcase 2020, gamers have wanted to answer that question. Now, those eager gamers know when they’ll venture into the feline’s skin: winter 2022.

The information came in a new PlayStation commercial. At the twitter, the Japanese company published the video that also announces the premiere windows of We Are OFK and Cult of Lamb — the first arrives in winter and the second in spring. Only the caveat is worth it: the material was captured on PC, not PS5. Watch:

In early April, Stray had been registered by the GRAC, an age rating body in South Korea. When a title receives this sort of rating — whether in Asia or elsewhere in the world — it’s an indication that the developer or publisher is ready to reveal its release date.

In the story, the game tells the journey of a lost cat in a cybernetic city. With the help of a robot called B12, the feline’s goal is to escape the place.

Stray will be coming to PS5, PS4 and PC.

Stray’s gameplay

In July 2021, Annapurna Interactive revealed the “cat game” gameplay. In the video, the protagonist solves puzzles and will have skills to defeat the creatures that chase him. Watch here!

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