US Analyst Points out Russia May Be Using Dolphins to Protect Black Sea Naval Base | Ukraine and Russia

A US defense analyst pointed out Wednesday that Russia could be using dolphins to protect its naval base in the Black Sea.

During the invasion of Crimea, the Black Sea Fleet was limited to using dolphins in tasks of locating unauthorized divers in the waters of their naval bases.

According to HI Sutton, linked to the US Naval Institute, there is evidence that Russian-trained dolphins were taken to the entrance to the port of Sevastopol, in Crimea.

Russia and the US have been training dolphins during naval maneuvers. There are records that Russia even found, with the help of mammals, a lost submarine in 1950.

Currently, there are only two centers that are known to specialize in training dolphins for military purposes – one in Sevastopol and the other in San Diego, California.

A report by the newspaper “The Washington Post” even confirmed, independently, that the images pointed out by Sutton would indeed be evidence of the use of these mammals.

In an interview with a spokesman for Maxar Technologies, a satellite company that produces several images of the war in Ukraine, he would have confirmed the American analyst’s hypothesis.

ILLUSTRATIVE IMAGE of dolphins swimming in the sea — Photo: Projeto Golfinho Rotador/Disclosure

Scientists have observed that dolphins have a natural reflex to push drowning individuals towards the surface, which is justified by their need to breathe out of the water and strong instincts for survival and group cooperation.

The best quality of dolphins, without a doubt, is their ultrasonic wave tracking device, which allows them to interpret the objects in their surroundings through the echo of the signals emitted and, even, to know if they are at a great distance without caring about the physical obstacles.

However, in a report by the Russian agency RIA, at the time of the invasion of Crimea, a defense expert even commented that the animals could also be trained to kill enemy divers, by attaching a sharp weapon to the animal.

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