Vegano claims he was rejuvenated by 10 years by drinking his own urine; “Peaceful feeling”

Harry Matadeena 34-year-old vegan man who lives in County Hampshireat England, claims that a specific practice helped him stay 10 years younger. And if you’re wondering which one, it’s this: he drinks his own urine. Shall we understand all the details?

With the practice started in 2016, Harry claims to have had several benefits from consuming urine. By the time he started drinking the liquid, he reportedly wanted to cure himself of depression at all costs and so he started drinking 200ml every day.

“From the moment I drank urine, it awakened my brain and removed my depression […] I thought ‘wow, I can do this for free and always keep myself in this happy state’”explained Matadeen in his account.

Vegan revealed other benefits of consuming urine

For his specific case, the 34-year-old man stated that the urine is “the secret of eternal youth”. In addition, he pointed out that the liquid provides “a new sense of peace, calm and determination” and that cured him immediately.

And, as others have done, Harry is a frequent target of criticism, including his sister, who walked away for his practice: “My sister doesn’t talk to me and one of the reasons is my participation in urine therapy. I have chosen all my friends now and they all do fresh aged urine therapy or approve.”.

Finally, for those who are curious, to ensure their daily consumption, man freezes his urine.

#Heads up

Despite all the above, it is not recommended that you consume your own urine or that of others. In case of doubt or any suspicion, immediately seek a specialist.

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