VRR features performance improvements

The channel “El Analista de Bits” shared the first tests of the VRR feature on PlayStation 5. Based on several new generation games, the youtuber experimented with the technology in different graphic modes, to present how performance stands out even without being a priority — as in cases of Loyalty Mode activated.

Released this week for PS5, the variable refresh rate aims to make gaming performance smoother and bring graphical improvements. Supported by some games, VRR extrapolates the estimated frame rate to ensure an overall higher quality experience.

The images show how frame rates in games rise beyond expectations, standing out for having greater variations in various modes. Thus, enabling 4K, ray tracing and other settings does not prevent the increase of more than a third of the estimated FPS, with more optimized cases where the improvements reach up to 50% of the original value.

The remaster of Marvel’s Spider-Man goes up to 96 FPS in Performance Mode + Ray Tracing, while reaching 59 FPS in Fidelity (4K). Meanwhile, Ratchet & Clank: Into Another Dimension reveals VRR’s best work and gets 110 FPS in Performance Mode + Ray Tracing and nearly 60 FPS in Fidelity Mode.

Also, the technology is not necessarily tied to the frame rate. In Resident Evil Village, for example, 60 FPS remains locked, but players can experience a considerable reduction in stuttering glitches and input lag. See the video below:

It is estimated that more games should acquire VRR compatibility on PlayStation 5, while future releases will come with support for the feature via the Day One patch. See the full list of newly announced games here.

How to enable VRR on your PlayStation 5

the team of MyPS prepared a tutorial to teach you how to enable the varied refresh rate on the PlayStation 5. To find out how to enable it on your console and access the main improvements of the novelty, just click here.

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