ANS definitively cancels the transfer of clients from Amil to APS

The ANS (National Supplementary Health Agency) decided today to definitively annul the decision that authorized the transfer of Amil’s portfolio of individual plans to APS (Personalized Health Care). The entity’s Collegiate Board of Directors declared the quota purchase and sale agreement between Amil and Fiord Capital A, Seferin & Coelho and Henning Von Koss null and void.

“The return of the APS portfolio to Amil will follow a strict schedule established by the ANS, with all the formalities and steps that are normally followed in the portfolio transfer processes, so that it occurs in a transparent and orderly manner”, says a statement released by agency linked to the Ministry of Health.

In the assessment of the ANS, the APS would not be able to autonomously manage the acquired portfolio, jeopardizing the continuity and quality of consumer health care.

Amil and APS must, within five working days, counted from the knowledge of the decision, forward the annulment of the “contract for partial assignment of portfolio and other covenants” that was registered on December 27, 2021.

Operators now have 20 working days to communicate the reintegration of the transferred portfolio to all beneficiaries, through individual communication and also through publication in a widely circulated newspaper.

Amil customers tell dramas after back-and-forth with wallet

Systems analyst Robson do Nascimento, 44, needs surgery to walk again. In early 2021, he discovered that he has osteocrenosis (necrosis of the femoral head), a consequence of the drugs he took to treat cancer (Hodgkin’s lymphoma).

He had hoped to undergo the surgical procedure in October, but found out on a trip to the surgeon that Amil had discredited the office he had been attending since the beginning of the year. Nascimento often traveled from Nova Iguaçu (RJ), where he lives, to the capital of Rio to be evaluated by a hip specialist. Amil denies problems and says that the coverage of the plans remains the same.

After Amil transferred 337 thousand individual and family plans to APS, health plan beneficiaries still report difficulties in medical care. In February, the UOL brought the first stories of customers impacted by the negotiation.

In 2014, retired Aparecida Fenelon, 65, underwent surgery to treat a brain aneurysm. The procedure solved the problem at the time, but brought two complications discovered later: a sequel that impairs his coordination on the right side and an aneurysm of a few millimeters, which needs care.

Amil user since 2007, Aparecida says she has never faced difficulties leaving her home, in Santo André, ABC Paulista, to be followed up once a year with the same doctor at the 9 de Julho Hospital, in downtown São Paulo. However, she was surprised in March of this year.

When trying to make an appointment with a neurologist at the same hospital, he heard from the attendant that his plan had been turned off in October 2021. “It’s crazy. [de outubro]”, account.

The housewife Neusa Grolla, 56, also says she has had problems with Amil in recent months. She does not use the insurance, but is responsible for closely monitoring her son Guilherme, 29, who was born with cerebral palsy. They live in Vila Diva, on the east side of São Paulo.

She signed on to Amil’s plan in the 1990s primarily to use the AACD hospital, which specializes in people with disabilities. The pandemic interrupted medical consultations, but Neusa hoped to return to the Abreu Sodré unit, in the south of the capital, at the end of 2021 – and was informed of the disqualification by phone.

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