ARAGUATINS: Former Secretary of Health speaks about leaving the portfolio

Juliano Ribeiro de Souza, former municipal secretary of health of Araguatins, in Bico do Papagaio, spoke officially, this Friday, 29, about his dismissal from the portfolio, made by the mayor, Aquiles da Areia (PP), in last Monday, 25th. He stayed between 4 and 6 months in charge of the portfolio, it is not known for sure, as his appointment was only published on December 17, 2021, with a retroactive date to October 25 of the same year, without, in the period, there being a revocation of the appointment of the then secretary, Wendell Miranda, who responded on an interim basis. Wendell has also left the management of Achilles.

Juliano said that he left the portfolio in agreement with Mayor Aquiles da Areia and thanked the expressions of support and encouragement directed by several servers and users.

In the words of Juliano de Souza, former Secretary of Health:

I was appointed to the position of Secretary of Health for my theoretical and practical knowledge of the Unified Health System. Over the years, I have accumulated experiences in other municipalities, at the state level and in the National Congress. Aware of the enormous challenge, I accepted the invitation even though I knew how complex it was to manage Araguatins’ health in the midst of such a traumatic pandemic. However, together with the whole team, I faced all the barriers and in this short period of work I was able to develop several work fronts, such as the balance of health bills, payments of effective servers on time, renovations in some UBSs, complete teams of doctors and nurses , medicines, supplies and materials in general always supplied, in addition to the beautiful health promotion and protection actions, as well as vaccination against Covid and other diseases.

I consider the fight against Covid-19 to be my greatest legacy, where we managed to eliminate the active cases of the disease and the transmission of the virus in the municipality before ORDINANCE No. pandemic emergency was edited. This is a victory for all health professionals who tirelessly fought beyond their strength so that we could reach the current scenario.

Last Monday, the 25th, I left the position of Secretary of Health in agreement with Mayor Aquiles da Areia, whom I thank for the opportunity and trust and I wish him all the luck in the world and much more success in the continuation of his management.

My heart is overflowing with joy for the expressions of support and encouragement directed to me by several servers and users, evidencing the understanding that health is only built with the participation of all.

I will always be at the disposal of the Araguatinian population to contribute in whatever it takes to this stunning city, of which I feel a citizen.

I’m leaving the way I came in, through the front door.

Big hug to everyone!

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