– Arthur Lira honors the word with the Federal Nursing Council of Nursing

President of the Chamber, Arthur Lira, in a meeting with members of the National Nursing Forum

There are only five days left for the vote on PL2564 in the plenary of the Chamber of Deputies. Next Wednesday, May 4th, the country will attend the parliament deliberating on the creation of the national floor for Nursing.

Approved unanimously in the Senate and having its urgent request met by 458 votes to 10 among the deputies, the project is moving towards yet another ratification and the expectation is that, finally, the largest Brazilian health workforce will be recognized and valued by large and expressive majority of the National Congress. Proposed by Senator Fabiano Contarato (PT-ES) and approved under the terms of the amendment by Senator Eliziane Gama (Citizenship-MA), the PL sets a salary floor of R$ 4,750 for nurses and nurses, 70% of this amount for Nursing technicians and technicians. and 50% for auxiliaries and midwives. These are not ideal values, but they are the result of a great consensus, which will make it possible to eradicate miserable wages practiced in the country.

It was not easy to arrive at this result. During the legislative process, in moments of great turmoil, the president of the Chamber of Deputies, Arthur Lira (PP-AL), asserted his commitment to Brazilian Nursing, who maintained serenity and openness to dialogue with leaders even in the most difficult times.

“The heat of the debate on social networks does not always favor the reason and the temperament of certain positions, at times, it can harm the dialogue. Therefore, I have always been concerned with building bridges, not destroying them. In 18 months of advanced negotiations with the country’s political leaders, we reached more than 97% of adhesion to our project, building consensus from the government base to the opposition. This was the result of our determination in favor of the category”, believes the president of the Federal Nursing Council (Cofen), Betânia Santos.

Cofen and Brazilian Nursing entities are mobilized in support of PL 2564

On different occasions and especially at an event promoted by the Center for Strategic Studies and Debates of the Chamber of Deputies (Cedes), on March 11, Lira made her position clear. “I want to express my respect to the nurses in Brazil. In my state, my work is for the development of health, philanthropic and public hospitals. So I openly welcome requests, protests and complaints,” she stressed. “There was an express request from all the mayors, but we made an agreement not to vote on PEC 122 before solving the Nursing problem. Our struggle has always been to find sources of funds to support the proposal. That’s all,” added the mayor this week.

For Betânia, the tireless work of deputy and nurse Carmen Zanotto (CID-SC) was also decisive to guarantee the necessary support for the vote on the 4th. “After the work of the special commission, which proved that the project was economically viable, it was she who addressed the matter and presented sources of funding to fund the investment needed to establish the national level for Nursing. With this, we were able to sew the necessary agreements and dismantle a network of fake news against the project. Along with other parliamentarians, such as Alice Portugal (PC do B/BA), Jandira Feghali (PC do B/RJ), Alexandre Padilha (PT-SP), Túlio Gadelha (PDT-PE) and Célio Studart (PSD-CE), Carmen helped us to overcome partisan barriers to practically build a consensus around Nursing”, says the president of Cofen.

official agenda

To accompany this historic moment, on the 4th, the National Nursing Forum defined an official agenda of activities:

  • 9:00 am: Act in defense of the approval of PL2564, in the parking lot of Annex II of the Chamber of Deputies;
  • 11:30 am: Solemn Session in Homage to Nursing, in the Plenary of the Chamber of Deputies. Transmission through the official channels of the Chamber of Deputies;
  • 16:00: The deliberative session for voting on PL2564 begins. The concentration of the category will be in the Auditorium Nereu Ramos. Live broadcast by TV Câmara.

Professionals and students from all over Brazil are being awaited. The bus parking for the delegations that will come from outside the Federal District will be in the National Theater, next to the Brasília Bus Station. It is recommended to attend dressed in white. “Whoever is from Nursing and can come, come. It will be a remarkable moment, which will forever be recorded in the history of the profession. Let’s show our strength to Brazilian society. This is the first of many rights that we still have to conquer. We will have the national floor as a starting point to keep us mobilized”, invites the federal counselor and Cofen representative at the National Nursing Forum, Daniel Menezes. In addition to the salary floor proposal, other bills of interest to Nursing are being processed in the National Congress, mainly in relation to the 30-hour workweek and also on the right to dignified rest.

According to data from the Chamber’s working group that analyzed the budgetary impact of PL2564, the financial impact of the national level of Nursing represents only 4% of the investment of the SUS and only 5% of the revenue of health plans in Brazil. The category accounts for approximately 50% of the Brazilian health workforce, with approximately 1.1 million professionals on the front line at this time.

Check out the guidelines of the National Nursing Forum for monitoring the PL vote.

Source: Ascom – Cofen

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