Audacity arrives at the Microsoft Store to end copies

The popular audio editor audacity officially arrived and for the first time in Microsoft Store, the application store of the Windows operating system. You can download the program by clicking here.

Despite having existed for several years, the open source service could only be downloaded from the developers’ official website and from alternative links or trusted repositories such as download.

The program's official page on the service.The program’s official page on the service.Source: Microsoft Store

According to Audacity product manager Martin Keary, the decision was necessary to protect the company and consumers of the software.

According to him, there are several fake audio editor variants on the Microsoft store, some even with paid features — and the Audacity is completely free to use. From now on, the main result becomes the original application, made by Muse Group and with contributions from the community.

At the time of writing this article, the search for the Microsoft store catalog still shows several paid programs that do not correspond to the original and even use variants of the service’s logo to deceive customers.

the various versions "alternatives" on the platform.The various “alternative” versions on the platform.Source: Microsoft

It is worth remembering, however, that the original application itself faces controversy. Last year, a change in terms of use angered the community and spawned modified versions that kept the service’s original code without data collection.

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