China says relationship with Russia is ‘new model for the world’

Chinese Foreign Ministry spokesman Zhao Lijian praised the country’s relationship with Russia as Western powers pressure Beijing to condemn the war in Ukraine.

“An important takeaway from the success of China-Russia relations is that both sides move beyond the Cold War-era political and military alliance model, and commit to developing a new model of international relations based on non-confrontational and non-confrontational. not attack other countries,” Lijian said during a press conference.

“This is fundamentally different from the Cold War mentality behind some countries’ efforts for cliques and zero-sum games. [em teoria econômica, situação em que um lado deve perder para outro poder ganhar]”, continued.

China and the US have conflicting positions on the war in Ukraine because of the close partnership between Beijing and Moscow. The former even avoids using the term war, as wished by Russia, which calls the invasion a “special military operation”.

The Chinese are trying to maintain a neutral stance, saying there must be respect for “the territorial integrity of each sovereign nation”, but saying Russia’s security concerns “are legitimate”.

On the other hand, the Americans lead in imposing political, financial and economic sanctions against the Russians and helping the Ukrainians to defend themselves through warfare. In addition, the White House has already formally expressed its fears that Beijing will help Russia with arms supplies – something the Chinese have denied – and urged President Xi Jinping to exert his influence to make Russian President Vladimir Putin, end the war.

In a phone call last month, US President Joe Biden said there would be consequences if China backed Russia. Xi responded that “military conflicts are of no interest to anyone” and that the “Ukrainian crisis is not something we wanted to see happen”, according to Chinese state broadcaster CCTV.

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