D-day of vaccination will take place this Saturday (30), in Minas Gerais – Gerais

The Secretary of State for Health of Minas Gerais, doctor Fbio Baccheretti, highlighted the importance of D-Day of vaccination this Friday (29) (photo: Norberto Duarte/ AFP)

The Secretary of State for Health of Minas Gerais, doctor Fbio Baccheretti, highlighted the importance of D-Day of vaccination, which will take place this Saturday (30), in Minas Gerais, during a press conference this Friday morning (29). In addition to the flu vaccine, measles and COVID-19 immunization will be offered.

Vaccination against the influenza virus, during D-Day, will be carried out in all Basic Health Units in the State, from 8 am to 5 pm, and is intended for the elderly over 60 years, health professionals and children – from 6 months to minors of 5 years. These last two cases must also receive the application of the triple viral, responsible for fighting

measles, mumps and rubella.

When asked about how the COVID-19 vaccination interferes with the forgetting of other campaigns, Fbio reinforced the need to publicize D-Day, especially with the arrival of winter.

“Today, if you are next to someone with the flu, the chance of being COVID is lower than any other virus. There is an increase in respiratory diseases in children. We are seeing hospitals filling up more because of these diseases, this will happen even with the beginning of the cold front ”, said the secretary.

Regarding the measles vaccine, Fbio explains that it is essential that countries take their children to health centers.

“The disease was only eradicated in Brazil due to the immunizing agent. However, Measles is highly transmissible and therefore spreads easily. As children are always born, there is a need to protect them against the virus, as they are the focus of the campaign. It’s not because we stop hearing cases of people infected with measles that we should let it come back,” she said.

Collective also raised the concern of childhood vaccination against COVID-19

The doctor alerts parents to take their children to be vaccinated. “Protection is guaranteed with two doses. Almost two million doses were applied and no children had a serious adverse effect from the disease, but we had children who unfortunately died with the disease, so the risk is the disease”, highlighted the doctor.

On Sunday (1/5), only children aged 5 to 11 will be vaccinated against COVID. The doses will be applied from 9 am to 1 pm, in the spaces of “BH da Gente”, in the Center-South, Pampulha, Oeste and Northwest regions.

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