Debanhi Escobar case: Forensics and images show surprising twist

The death of the young student I washed Escobaronly 18 years, moved Mexico and made news headlines around the world. She would have gone to a party in a village near his hometown, Monterreyin the state of Nuevo Leonon the night of april 8and after being left on a roadat dawn, appeared dead inside the cistern in a motelalmost two weeks after the disappearance.

Immediately the authorities and the Mexican society became suspicious of the app driver who picked her up to take home, but who broke off the trip midway. The suspicions about Juan David Cuellarthe driver, as the author of an alleged murder, began to dissipate when he released a photo of Debanhi in shoulder of the track, looking at the track, as if wait for a rideas well as after the release of the images of the girl entering a freight carrier which is on the side of the highway.

In a first moment did not exist Debanhi pictures leaving of the carrier, in the same way as no other person is seen in the scene. However, promoters of Public Ministry of Nuevo Leon reported in the last few hours that there are recordings also security cameras from the motelwhich show the student entering apparently scaredrunning, just that no toward cancel where guests pass, but towards a garden area which was dark that moment. Is it over there is not accompaniednor being followed. The area where she runs is the site of the three abandoned cisternstwo of them uncovered. Contrary to the first information, there was no wall one meter around the reservoir. The distance would correspond to the space between the cisternswhich stay at ground level.

In the images of the cargo company and the motel it is evident the passage of Debanhi and no other person appears throughout the recording, never. Testimonials given by friends of her who accompanied her at the party, by young who were at the meetingWhat a didn’t know herand by itself app driver inform that the student I was very drunkagitated and getting into trouble on the farm where the fraternization was held. She would have arrived with a bottle of vodka and drunk too muchso it was guided by the comrades to go home early. Cuéllar would have received orders from Debanhi, halfway homefor return to the party and when they arrived in the villagethe girl asked to come down a little earlierat track.

what ended up to discard The murder hypothesisalthough the authorities still maintain the investigation status how femicidewhich can change at any time, was the scenery found in the cisterns. With 4.3 meters in depth only 90 centimeters of water, the pocket where the reservoir is located can only be accessed by a narrow opening in 98 centimeters. The first two cisterns were without a lidwhile the third was covered. Among the first, where Debanhi was foundand the second, there is a small ductwhere only one arm passes, connecting them. In this duct were found personal objects of the student, as bag, bra and mask. The scene, according to experts, gives the impression that the victim would have triedin total darkness, put your belongings in the small space of 40 centimeters in length. How the end of the duct can you the other cisternmany objects were found thereunder water: cell phone, earrings, keys and lighter.

To the forensic expertsthe wound in the head from Debanhi, which did not drownand the scenario found at the bottom of the two cisternssuggest that the young woman, possibly disoriented and scared entered the motel garden and it fell inside the cistern accidentallythrough an opening relatively smallbanging his head on forehead region. Wound with gravitybut not completely incapable of reactingshe would have placed her personal belongings in the small cavity found for some way try desperate climb back the reservoir. the body was found barefoot and the two sneakers were submerged inside from the same cisternone of each side from the cavity, as if they had been removed in there.

the tunnel narrow and dark which gives access to the area larger of the reservoir, still according to the experts, makes absolutely unreal the hypothesis of someone have come down with Debanhi to the bottom of the cistern, as it would be impossible have the played in the hole and a scenario like thatin both compartments, have formed, which would only be feasible with a second person. The possibility of that, according to the researchersIt’s nonexistentgiven that nobody appears in the images and there are no brands on the walls of vertical tunnel that show signs of someone who would have left there after leaving the young.

THE Public Ministry of Nuevo Leon not yet officially announced the closing of the investigation and the final conclusionbut mexican press gives how certain the version of an accidentseen all the circumstances, evidence found and skills performed.

See the infographic produced by the Mexican newspaper El Universal:

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