João Pessoa’s Health Secretary is notified for illegally holding public office

The Secretary of Health of João Pessoa, Luís Ferreira de Sousa Filho, was notified by the Secretary of Administration of the State of Paraíba for illegal accumulation of positions. The act was published by the State Commission for Accumulation of Positions in the Official State Gazette this Friday (29).

In addition to holding the health portfolio in the capital, according to the Sagres of the Court of Auditors of the State of Paraíba (TCE-PB), Luís Ferreira also maintains two links with the state government, as a medical service provider. In one of the contracts he receives R$ 28.6 thousand, in the other R$ 26.1 thousand. The salary as municipal secretary is R$ 14,500. The accumulated with the three bonds exceeds R$ 70 thousand.

The remunerated accumulation of public positions is permitted by the Federal Constitution only for three situations: two teaching positions; a professorship with another technician or scientist; or two private positions or jobs for health professionals, with regulated professions. In any of these situations, however, it is necessary that the accumulated positions have time compatibility.

The secretary will have a period of 5 days to present his defense or option for legally permitted bonds, under penalty of continuing the Disciplinary Administrative Process, in the summary rite, with salary refund.

THE political talk, the secretary stated that he requested dismissal from one of the positions in the state since the beginning of February, but that he is consulting legal counsel to make sure that the secretary’s position is compatible with the maintenance of ties in the government.

The attorney general of the municipality, Bruno Nóbrega, informed the blog that a study is being carried out on the understanding of the TCE and Justice in relation to the accumulation of the position of secretary with that of doctor.

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