Meeting via WhatsApp is now easier

WhatsApp has invested in many changes, last year the video and voice features reached the web version, expanding the possibilities of communication.

Talking to a person in real time increases interactivity and using the camera feature the contact becomes humanized. If before only 4 users could get together, the last update has extended the limit to 32 people.

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Everyone can now check the improvement made, because the change was made successfully and this April, anyone who wants to can call several contacts.

It is important to remember to check the app store, whether iOS or Android, if the app does not have any pending downloads, if so, update it. Also note camera access and audio recording, both need to be authorized.

Learn how to make video or voice calls on WhatsApp in a group

1st Step: Open WhatsApp.

2nd Step: Click on a group or on the ”Calls” tab.

3rd Step: In the message that you opened, select one of the icons in the top bar, camera or phone. If your idea is to manually select each of the guests, in the call area, the call button is in the lower right corner.

4th Step: Attention, when you click the phone icon in a group, everyone will receive the call. If the idea is to bring certain people together, prefer to create a meeting from scratch.

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