Saturday is also Oral Cancer Prevention and Diagnosis day in Caraguatatuba – Caraguatatuba City Hall

This Saturday (30), all Health Units in Caraguatatuba (UBSs) will be open for the ‘D-Day of Vaccination against Influenza and Measles’. In addition, the population can also consult with dentists as a form of prevention or diagnosis of oral cancer.

Anyone who wants to undergo a dental evaluation or who has any suspicion of injury to the mouth, such as manifestations of sores in the mouth or lips that do not heal, swelling, bleeding, prolonged sore throat and whitish or red spots can seek the units.

#Pracegover: Patient lying in a chair, while a sitting dentist makes an evaluation (Photo: Disclosure / PMC)

“In a more advanced stage, mouth cancer can cause bad breath, difficulty speaking, chewing and swallowing, accentuated weight loss and the presence of cervical lymphadenopathy (lump in the neck)”, explains the director of Oral Health, André Trunkl.

If the professional assesses any suspicion, the patient will be referred to the Center for Dental Specialties (CEO) for treatment.

The Oral Cancer Prevention Campaign, coordinated by the Oral Health Division of the Caraguatatuba City Hall, takes place during the month of April and aims to raise awareness and provide guidance on care and the importance of preventive exams for early diagnosis.

The UBSs, with the exception of Tabatinga, will be open from 8 am to 5 pm. Check the address of all units:


To reduce mortality, it is necessary that there is an early diagnosis made through the clinical examination of the tissues of the mouth, carried out, mandatorily, by a qualified dentist. Only in this way will it be possible to identify both potentially malignant lesions and cancer in early stages, which will allow for less aggressive treatment and increased survival. Self-examination is important, but it does not replace the examination done by a professional in the area.

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