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Date marks the opening of new groups for influenza and reinforces the need to complete the vaccination schedule of the others

The Municipal Secretary of Health, following the national immunization calendar, holds this Saturday, 30, the D-Day of Vaccination against influenza, measles and covid. It will be from 8 am to 4 pm, in all health units in the municipality, including the four districts and the village of Branápolis. It is important to take the vaccination card for updating.

D-Day marks the opening of a new phase of the influenza vaccine, which will be available to the following groups: elderly people over 60 years of age; health workers; children from 6 months to under 5 years old; pregnant women; postpartum women (women up to 45 days after childbirth); patients with non-communicable chronic diseases and other special clinical conditions; people with permanent disabilities; teachers; security and rescue forces; armed forces; truck drivers; urban and long-distance public road passenger transport workers; and port workers.

Measles immunization can be done in health workers and children aged 6 months to under 5 years. The vaccine against covid will be available in all doses to complete the vaccination schedule in the places where they are distributed according to the immunizing agent (

In all situations, proof of inclusion in the groups will be required, such as a medical report; prescription of medications for continuous use; identification as a carrier of a permanent disease; documents that prove the exercise of work (only a council document is valid), and in the case of a self-employed professional, present proof of exercise.

Influenza and measles vaccination sites:
Unit Dr. Illion Fleury Jr
Boa Vista/Santa Isabel
São Carlos
Garden of the Americas
Nook of the Sun
North Village
Guanabara Garden
Santa Maria of Nazareth
Lourdes neighborhood
St. Lawrence
Garden of Olives
swiss garden
san jose
Vila Fabril
Vila União
Vivian Parque
Saint Vincent
Munir Calixto
Vila Formosa
Joao Luiz de Oliveira
Green arch
Dom Manuel
Vila Esperança
Filostro Machado
Saint Anthony
Itamaraty Annex
Adriana Parque
Pyrenees Park
Lopes da Fonseca Abbey

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