The beauty of the body and cardiovascular health: attention to limits – 04/30/2022

Of course, when it comes to beauty, the concept of aesthetics and certain physical standards that society has consolidated over decades comes to mind.

The big question is whether the criteria of physical beauty would also fulfill the demands of full cardiovascular health. Do, in all circumstances, absolutely unquestionably, the standards of physical beauty guarantee a person’s longevity? This is the great dilemma, the most important of discussions.

Social networks and technological resources were essential additives for physical beauty to become more and more perfect. There is no denying that the imperfections and asymmetries of a “normal” body are converted into figures outlined in bodies that are often “abnormal”.

In this very frequent scenario, with which our eyes are certainly already extremely used to it, the biggest question pulsates: what is the limit between physical beauty and cardiovascular health? Nothing against improving the body’s imperfections, nurturing vanity, after all, who of us survives without a minimum dose of vanity?

In fact, I want to reflect a little more on this fine line between physical beauty and the fullness of long-lasting cardiovascular health. Beauty, as a broad and occasionally complex concept, breaks down into some aspects such as physical activity, supplements, hormonal “chips”, anabolic steroids, surgeries and diets.

Note that, although many defend that beauty is exterior and interior, beauty of bodies and souls, imperfection of a body in a great soul, we do not escape the absolute predominance of physical beauty shaped by cultural and social standards.

How many times have we heard that someone is “chubby and healthy”, when, in fact, if the person could control their genetic factors, they would choose to be thin, healthy and able to do many food extravaganzas.

How many times have we heard people commenting that their libido is not the same due to cyclical hormonal changes, but that it’s okay, this is part of life and let’s move on.

If these people could change this scenario, either through the use of “chips” or any supposedly miraculous medicine, do you think they will think twice about making this decision?

To clearly establish a link between the strategies to guarantee the much-desired beauty, if possible immediately, and the safety of our cardiovascular health, see the situations below:

Situation 1

Use of anabolic hormones for muscle hypertrophy: risk of liver poisoning, thrombosis, heart attack, stroke and cancer.

Situation 2

Uncontrolled use of weight loss supplements: risk of liver and kidney complications and possibility of many undesirable side effects.

Situation 3

Hormonal implants (“beauty chips”): risk of high cholesterol, possible increasing rates of cardiovascular and liver complications.

Situation 4

Exaggerated physical activity (“overtraining”): risk of cardiac overload, with repercussions such as arrhythmias, thrombosis and heart infarction.

Situation 5

Excessive cosmetic surgery: risk of complications related to anesthetic drugs, risk of bleeding, organ perforation, cardiovascular complications.

According to the illustrious poet Vinicius Moraes, “beauty is fundamental”. But I want here humbly to call attention to the need for common sense and moderation regarding the “intensity” of this beauty.

Pursuing physical beauty as something close to perfection, something that is indisputable in the mirror and in the eyes of most people, can also result in threats to cardiovascular balance.
When beauty is not primarily aligned with full cardiovascular health, I am sincerely concerned about the consequences.

Fighting and investing time and money for a supposed undeniable beauty and ending up getting sick with sequelae or even losing your life cannot be an act to be replicated on a large scale. On the contrary, the life of a human being, and especially his cardiovascular health, should be the greatest vanity of each one of us.

With full cardiovascular health, there is nothing against seeking physical improvement and correction of signs that aging can cause. The greatest vanity of a human being should be to live a long time with quality.

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