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Neil Parish, a UK MP, has been suspended from the Conservative Party, to which he is a member, for being caught viewing pornography on his smartphone inside Parliament.

He has been with the Legislature since 2010. Neil Paris himself presented himself to the Parliament committee for the House to make a decision.

Until Parliament makes a decision, Parish is suspended from his own party.

  • British MP saw porn inside Parliament, newspapers say; Conservative party investigates

He said he would cooperate with the investigations, but declined to provide information on the case.

“Of course I understand their concern and I can only apologize for the situation,” he said.

Prime Minister Boris Johnson, a party colleague of Parish’s, said watching pornography was unacceptable in any work environment.

Johnson faces a crisis for having thrown a party during the height of the Covid-19 pandemic.

Boris Johnson apologizes to British Parliament for partying during lockdown

Boris Johnson apologizes to British Parliament for partying during lockdown

According to British newspapers, the initial allegation came during a meeting of Conservative lawmakers on Tuesday night, in which lawmakers shared accounts of machismo and harassment by their colleagues.

According to a report in the Sunday Times, 56 members of Parliament face sexual misconduct allegations and have been reported to a House watchdog.

“This behavior is far from uncommon. It’s institutional misogyny,” Labor MP Nadia Whittome said on her social media account.

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