Wave of mysterious needlesticks in nightclubs causes concern in France – International

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Young people say stings caused nausea, dizziness or intense pain, creating a climate of “psychosis” (photo: Sebastien Salom-Gomis/AFP)

dozens of young claim to have received needle pricks in nightclubs, bars or in festive at France that caused nausea, vertigo or intense pain, creating a climate of “psychosis“, a phenomenon that is being under study by the authorities.

About 60 cases have been reported since early April, according to a police source. Investigations were opened in Rennes and Loire-Atlantique (west), Hrault (south), Isre, Haute-Garonne and Dordogne (southwest).

Elose Cornut, a 21-year-old beautician, said she felt “cold sweats, nausea, chills and lightheadedness” during the night after returning from a bar in Nantes (west) in mid-April.

The next day, better, one of her friends noticed “a red dot surrounded by a blue one centimeter in diameter” on her arm, AFP said.

“I had a blood test (…) I still have to wait five weeks to get tested for HIV. It stresses me out a lot,” he added.

In Nantes, authorities know of 45 cases since mid-February. No evidence revealed the presence of drugs or other toxic substances, said prosecutor Renaud Gaudeul AFP, specifying that no suspects were arrested.

The investigators are awaiting the results of toxicological analyzes of cases in other parts of France to know if the substance is administered the same.

Authorities also launched investigations after reports of injections at the opening of the music festival season in Printemps de Bourges.

“We don’t know if it’s syringes or safety pins, for example,” said Agns Bonjean, director of the mayor’s office.

The Paris prosecutor’s office informed AFP that six investigations have been opened in the capital since last week.

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