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A young woman, who has suffered from back pain for years, believed that poor posture while working from home was the cause of her problems.

In a video that went viral on TikTok, Ellie Chandler, 25, said that the discomfort in her back appeared after she gave birth to twins in December 2019 in Philadelphia, in the United States.

She explained on social media that the pain intensified and went to several doctors, but that she was advised to take painkillers and buy support pillows.

When consulted by an orthopedist, who asked for an X-ray, a huge mass was identified at the base of the spine. Further more detailed examinations confirmed the presence of a rare large cell tumor measuring 12.7 cm between the coccyx and the lower region of the spine.

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“When I went for a pelvic exam, the doctor told me that I was feeling something inside. In another test, she confirmed that there really was something inside me, it was a fairly large mass. I went for an ultrasound on the same day and a CT scan. scan the next day and found the tumor,” explained Ellie.

With the tumor growing, the doctors had to place a catheter. “The pain was so bad at that moment that I couldn’t sleep, I couldn’t sit or drive my car. Some days I cried a lot because I was in a lot of pain”.

Ellie is undergoing intensive treatment, with monthly injections to reduce her size and undergo surgery. Even though it was risky, she said the most viable solution for the withdrawal.

“From there, I stayed in the hospital for about a week, where they did a biopsy. The doctors told me that this giant cell tumor is not cancerous,” he said. “This type of tumor is quite common in young people, in their twenties, thirties and forties. In my case, it was the size of a baby’s head when they found it. The measurements were all between 10 cm and 14 cm when they identified it. “.

And make an alert. “Back pain is so normalized, especially with people working from home these days, but it really isn’t a small detail and everyone should take it seriously if it’s affecting daily life. Especially young people, be sure to go to the doctor. Don’t let the problem get so serious that you can’t do anything. If you’re having other symptoms along with back pain, it could be a sign that you have a tumor in your spine.”

Watch the video in English:

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