14-year-old athlete, heavyweight champion and promise for the Olympics, dies in bombing in Ukraine – World

THE athlete ukraine Alina Peregudova, from 14 yearsdied in the midst of russian bombings in the city of Mariupol. The information was confirmed by the City Council of the city last Friday (29), according to the portal. g1.

The young woman was a promise to the 2024 Olympics, specialized in weight lifting. Aline had already conquered gold medals in national competitions and competed for a spot to represent Ukraine in the next edition of the event.

Despite having died in Mariupolone of the cities hardest hit by the war between Russia and Ukraine, the athlete was from the region of donetsk. Still according to g1the site has been recording separatist struggles since 2014.

In addition to the athlete, her mother also died amid the bombings.

condolence note

After the news of Aline’s death, the Ukrainian Weightlifting Federation lamented the loss, in note. “Last year at the U-17 Women’s National Championships, she won gold medals and aspired to win high-level competitions in the future.”

“It is difficult to find words to convey deep condolences to all those who knew the victims.”

Ukrainian Weightlifting Federation

official note

The Chamber, in turn, mocked Russia’s war propaganda by reporting the athlete’s death on its Telegram channel. “Russian ‘peace’ came and released her from her future,” she said.

Russian invades Mariupol

On April 21, Russian President Vladimir Putin stated that country troops “successfully” took the control from the Ukrainian city of Mariupol and ordered the siege of the last fighters entrenched in the Azovstal factory, but without an attack.

“The end of the work of release of Mariupol It’s a success,” Putin told Defense Minister Sergei Shoigu in a televised meeting.

The Russian president also indicated that he prefers to surround the last ukrainian fighters at the Azovstal factory, because an attack would cause many deaths. The area has an extensive network of underground galleries.

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