British MP resigns after admitting he watched pornographic videos twice in Chamber | World

A British MP who had been suspended from the Conservative Party, under current Prime Minister Boris Johnson, announced on Saturday (30) his resignation after admitting that he had twice watched pornographic videos on his cell phone in the House of Commons “in a moment of craziness”.

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Conservatives suspended Neil Parish on Friday after he reported to Parliament’s rules commissioner.

Parish resigned, despite having previously said he would remain a member of Parliament while the investigation is ongoing.

  • UK Conservative Party suspends MP who saw porn in Parliament
  • British MP saw porn inside Parliament, newspapers say; Conservative party investigates

“In the end, I could see the furor and the damage it was causing to my family and my electoral association, it was no longer worth continuing,” Parish said tearfully in an interview with the BBC on Saturday.

Parish, who is a farmer, said the first time he saw explicit material he found it by accident, looking up tractors on a similarly named website, and then watched it “for a little while, which I shouldn’t have.”

See below a video in which Boris Johnson apologizes for having parties at the height of the pandemic.

Boris Johnson apologizes to British Parliament for partying during lockdown

Boris Johnson apologizes to British Parliament for partying during lockdown

“But my crime, my biggest crime, is that, on another occasion, I entered a second time, and that was on purpose. I was sitting, waiting to vote, next to the House.”

Asked what was going through his head, he described it as “a moment of madness”.

Earlier this week, British media reported that a minister said she saw a male colleague looking at pornographic material while sitting next to her in the House of Commons, and that the same MP later watched pornography during a committee hearing.

“I’m not proud of what I was doing,” Parish said, adding that he had no intention of those around him seeing him. “I’m not going to defend what I did. What I did was absolutely, totally wrong… I think I completely lost my senses.”

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