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Nosy giving support to brother with anxiety

Nosy giving support to brother with anxiety

Nosy has always been an independent and somewhat distant cat, but his owner has always believed that he would be much better off if he gained a friend. That’s when Baby joined the family about a year and a half ago and since then he and Nosy have been inseparable.

“They are legitimate best friends. They hug each other all day and fight 24/7. When I first got Nosy, he was a little aggressive and very lonely. And Baby brought some light to his life. He loves to play now and loves to hug his brother. He’s super protective of him and is always bathing him (licking),” Rosa Leger, the cat’s owner, told The Dodo.

A few days ago, Rosa had to travel for a week, leaving the two cats alone at home for the first time. A pet nanny came to the house every day to check on them, but they both hid whenever she arrived. Rosa was more worried about Baby, who is very attached to her, and wasn’t sure how the pet would do without her.

To the tutor’s relief, she saw that he had all the support he needed. One day, when she went to check the surveillance camera footage, she saw one of those heart-warming images.

Baby was apparently anxious about the tutor’s absence, he was sitting in front of Nosy who suddenly bent over to comfort him with her paw giving him a “pat on the back”.

“He comforted his brother from the start. this experience [definitivamente] brought them closer. My little one loves his big brother even more. I can’t imagine what he would be like if he didn’t have his love and protection. Honestly, I didn’t think that kind of love could exist within animals, but it really does,” said the tutor.

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