Couple Finds 1950s McDonald’s Snack With Canned Potatoes

In 1959, six decades before the McPicanha without picanha controversy, McDonald’s was a company with less than 20 years of existence, which was still consolidating its reputation in the fast food market.

That year, someone bought a promotion with two hamburgers and a bag of fries in Crystal Lake, a city in the US state of Illinois, about 80 kilometers from Chicago. For reasons that will probably never be known, the person couldn’t eat everything and ended up getting rid of the leftovers by hiding the snack bag inside the wall of a house that was being built near the restaurant. This month, the “mischief” was discovered – and the potatoes were still there.

This story was told by the American TV network CNN, which interviewed the “archaeologists” of the lost snack. The network interviewed Rob and Gracie Jones, a couple who were working on a renovation of the old house on April 16th.

“Rob was in the bathroom replacing the old toilet paper accessory,” Gracie told CNN last Wednesday (4/27). “When he pulled out the accessory, he noticed a piece of cloth wrapped inside the wall. We both looked at each other wondering if we were going to call the police because finding evidence of a crime scene,” she reported. “We were very relieved to have found the old McDonald’s bag,” added the American.

“We saw the fries and were like, ‘this is not real’ How the hell are these fries still in this bag and how are they so well preserved?! It was wild,” Gracie said.

In the bag, illustrated with the logo used by the company in the 1950s, the couple found the two packages of hamburger and the bag of half-eaten potatoes. They still kept some of the original color and, according to the couple, were “crunchy”.

Neither of them, however, had the courage to taste the product to see if the taste had also remained. They are now deciding what to do with the 63-year-old “gastronomic” relic. “We would be happy to sell it or, if not, we will keep it as a nice piece of history,” said Gracie.

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