David Uip recovers from reinfection by Covid and warns that ‘cases are increasing’ – 04/29/2022 – Mônica Bergamo

One of the first doctors to treat Covid-19 patients in Brazil – and also to be infected by the new coronavirus, in 2020 -, infectologist David Uip contracted the disease again this month. He was admitted to Hospital Sírio Libanês, in SP. And now, already recovered, he makes an alert: after a professional truce of almost a month, in which his team did not treat any patient, they have now returned to the office.


“I haven’t seen patients with Covid-19 in my office for almost a month. Everything was quiet. Now, I have seen two to three patients a day”, he says. “The office is a great marker. My empirical view shows that cases have started to grow again”, he says.


Data from the Secretary of State for Health confirm the impressions caused by the day to day of the doctor’s office: hospitalizations for Covid-19 rose 6% in the state, after several weeks of decline. They went from the daily average of 146 hospitalizations to 155.


One of the patients who entered the accounts, Uip would celebrate his 70th birthday on the 16th. He found out he was infected, and canceled everything. “I had just had the fourth dose of the vaccine. There was no time for it to take effect,” he says. But the previous three doses, he believes, helped to keep the situation from getting worse.


“I was hospitalized as a precaution. I have two stents [tubo que impede o entupimento de artérias] and 70 years of age”, he says. The symptoms were relatively mild. “An unbearable sore throat, which did not allow me to swallow even saliva, and a runny nose. I was completely speechless.” After three days, he was discharged.


The first infection, in March 2020, when I was not yet vaccinated, caused greater suffering. The doctor had muscle pain and felt “unbearable” tiredness. Then he had burnout syndrome – which he began to diagnose frequently in patients in the post-Covid.


Uip believes that he and his wife, Tereza, who was also diagnosed, contracted Covid-19 in a marriage. “We always wore masks. But we took them off to eat, and many people came up to talk,” he recalls.


“We stopped going to several weddings. This was the first one in months. I messed up, and I got it,” he says. “In two years, I treated thousands of patients, and I was not infected. Both times, I contracted the disease in social interactions.”


In two years, Uip treated 2,200 patients. Of these, 850 were hospitalized. And 54 died.


“The vaccine is helping, and this is visible,” he says. “This month, I still haven’t admitted patients.” All care, however, is still little, recommends the infectologist.


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