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THE zamioculca, originally from Tanzania, in Africa, it is a plant that is not usually very large – it does not exceed 1 meter – and in their natural environment they are used to being under the treetops. This plant, which is also known for being the plant of fortune and prosperity, is ideal for those who live in apartments, since, in addition to not liking the sun so much, it does not require such special care.

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Zamioculca is usually very resistant and does not require frequent watering, so it is recommended to water 2 to 3 times a week, at most, and, during winter, one watering per week is enough. Despite being a plant without mystery, there are many doubts related to this plant and how to take care of it efficiently so that it starts to sprout.

With that in mind, here we separate the main topics related to the care that individuals should take with the plant that, despite being easy to care for, is toxic and must be kept out of the reach of children and animals.

Care for Zamioculca


As mentioned before, despite being an easy care plant, Zamioculca is toxic and, therefore, should be kept out of the reach of children and animals, to avoid possible accidents and domestic disasters.

In addition, another care is related to the storage of the plant, which, at the same frequency that it must be watered, must be removed from the pot, so that several seedlings of the plant can touch the substrate. The soil of the pot where the Zamioculca will be planted must contain a mixture of substrate and sand, so that the irrigation water does not accumulate.

How to care for Zamioculca sprouts?

Zamioculca is one of the most famous plants for those who want to attract prosperity and good things throughout the day, so many people want to have this plant at home and want it to be harmonious and full of buds. With that in mind, check out the tricks below for your Zamioculca plant to grow in a healthy way:

watch out for watering
As already mentioned, watering must be balanced, so that the plant is watered a maximum of two to three times a week and, in winter, once a week.

light factor
Zamioculca, despite not liking sunlight, requires some type of lighting and, in this scenario, the most suitable is artificial lighting.

Pruning the plant is not necessary, its growth rate is very slow, however, when necessary, remove the leaves and branches to renew the plant.

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