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Weslaine Amorim

At the request of the report Rondônia Extramade this morning, the municipal secretary of Health of Vilhena, Weslaine Amorim, spoke about his departure from the portfolio.

Below is the full text of the note sent to the editors of the Rondônia Extra:

“Today, for personal reasons, I ask to resign from the role of municipal health secretary. I hand over the job the same way I walked in with my head held high, knowing I’ve done everything in my power.

During these four months that I was in charge of SEMUS, I carried out important procurement processes, summoned nurses and other health professionals to reinforce the staff, obtained resources for the secretariat through parliamentary amendments (such as the new health unit in sector 19, senator Acir Gurgacz) and for rest homes for HRV professionals (with state deputy Ezequiel Neiva) the line of dialogue was opened to increase the base salary of medical professionals who for 20 years have not had salary readjustments and are currently in the study phase of the impact of the payroll, we are making great strides to inaugurate our Neonatal ICU with a good part of the resources of the state government, being human resources and part of the inputs, next week a team from the state government will be in Vilhena to inspect the building, as well as I worked to implement daily outpatient consultations in orthopedics/pediatrics specialties, but the orthopedics is happening, and the acceptance of the telemedicine proposal accompanied by more than 22 specialist doctors from the specialized component through a national reference hospital, Albert Einstein, who will help to relieve the waiting list of regulation with several specialists.

Vilhena have the capacity to be a public health reference in the State and especially in maternal/child care and today we have a fully functioning gynecology/obstetrics and pediatrics residency.

We have many actions in place that I have forwarded, such as the renovation of the Cristo Rei health center with the payment order in the process, the completion of the renovation of the front of the Regional Hospital, where we will have air-conditioned rooms with better comfort and accommodation for professionals and patients, speed of renovation of the Leonardo unit, payments for terminations, bonuses for specialization and retroactive insalubrity, which had boxes and boxes stacked, the launch of the Opera Rondônia project, which will meet the repressed queue of more than 2600 surgeries in the Sisreg regulation queue and several other actions which I’m sure will continue.

I leave here congratulations to all the health professionals in our municipality and to the SEMUS technicians who donate to provide a quality service to citizens.
I leave the position of manager knowing that I was loyal to management and that I mainly honored my principles and the profession I chose.

I wish success to those who assume the Health portfolio, as they will have a hard work to take on and I make myself available to help in any way possible, as public health policies can only be promoted with unity”.

Complementing the note, Weslaine said that she remains in the current management, even because she is a public servant, being a health professional.
She guarantees that she is calm and at peace with the decision she made, because “the position passes”, and reiterates her wishes for success and good performance to whoever will replace her, as well as reaffirming that it was a decision based on personal issues: “I’m facing problems that I need to take control of, regarding my health and studies”, he revealed.

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