If you have these symptoms, it could be a lack of vitamin D; see how to reset

detect the lack of D vitamin does not require any special or invasive testing. It is discovered with a blood test or a saliva sample. Some of the situations that may favor vitamin D deficiency in the body are:

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  • The lack of exposure to sunlight in a healthy way;
  • More pigmented skin;
  • People over 50 years old;
  • Low intake of foods that are rich in vitamin D;
  • People who live in colder and often cloudy places.

Know in the course of this article some symptoms of lack of vitamin D that can appear, what this lack can cause in the human body and some foods that can solve this problem.

But what are the symptoms of a lack of vitamin D in the body?

At first, the symptoms of a lack of vitamin D in the body can take a long time to appear, since there are no very characteristic symptoms. Still, over time, some symptoms may arise, such as:

  • Children with stunted growth;
  • Children’s legs becoming bowed;
  • Enlarged leg and arm bones;
  • Early caries and delay in teething, in the case of babies;
  • Osteoporosis or osteomalacia;
  • Feeling of weakness in the bones;
  • Frequent muscle pain;
  • Weakness, fatigue or frequent feeling of being unwell;
  • Bone pain;
  • Lots of muscle spasms.

What can lack of vitamin D cause?

Now that you are aware of the symptoms of a lack of vitamin D, check out below what a deficiency can cause in the body:

  • Diabetes;
  • Obesity;
  • Arterial hypertension;
  • Rheumatoid arthritis;
  • Multiple sclerosis.

Foods that are rich in vitamin D

Get to know now some of the main foods that contain vitamin D in their composition and, if you are suspecting that you are lacking this vitamin in your body, start consuming them. And, if necessary, look for a specialist doctor.

FoodAmount of Vitamin D
cod liver oil252 mcg
salmon oil100 mcg
Salmon5 mcg
Smoked salmon20 mcg
raw oysters8 mcg
fresh herring23.5 mcg
fortified milk2.45 mcg
Boiled egg1.3 mcg
Chicken, pork, turkey and offal in general0.3 mcg
Beef0.18 mcg
chicken liver2 mcg
Sardines canned in olive oil40 mcg
Bull’s liver1.1 mcg
Butter1.53 mcg
Yogurt0.04 mcg
Cheddar cheese0.32 mcg
Swordfish13.9 mcg
Trout3.9 mcg
fortified soy milk0.68 mcg
organic mushrooms0.02 mcg

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